Japanese steel does not automatically ensure good steel. In order to be at an optimum level, it needs to undergo a definitive process. The right composition of the single components such as carbon and vanadium

as well as the right hardening process create sharpness, hardness and flexibility of the steel, which is necessary for a good hair shear.


To ensure the high quality standard as well the long lasting edge retention of a Yakushi Shear, only the best Japanese steel types are used. By the using a continuous high amount of carbon, Yakushi Shears reach extreme hardness. At the same time, the right amount of vanadium is used to guarantee a high ductility, which is necessary to make the steel flexible and therefore avoids breakage.

The Rockwell scale determines the resistance and friction resistance of hair shear steel. The higher the hardness level, the better the edge retention.

Steel used for hair shears targets hardness levels between 54 and 63 HRC.


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