Yakushi Dream Contourer

Yakushi Dream Contourer

Professional clipper with long engine life. The compact machine has a durable Li-ion battery with high capacity and no memory effect. Using the +/- keys, the working speed can be adjusted to 3 levels, so that the working mode can be adapted to the hair texture, resulting in perfect and clean contours.

Further Features:

  • digital display for:
    • remaining power and charging status
    • settled RPM
  • overcharge protection
  • long life engine lasts 3 times longer than normal engines
  • Li-ion battery (LiFePo4) lasts 2 times longer than conventional batteries
  • 1 hours of quick charge, and 90 min. of long use
  • adapter: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz, 3,5V DC 1000mAh


  • charging stand
  • 2 comb attachments 3/4 mm and 5/6 mm
  • lubricating oil and cleaning brush